Kodi Remote
For iPhone & Apple Watch

Unleash the power of Kodi with this elegant and powerful remote control for iPhone and Apple Watch.


All New Home Screen

Pick up where you left off


Find your way to your favorite movies and TV shows quickly with the new home screen. With the "Jump In" section, you can quickly resume movies and TV shows that you're part way through, it will even recommend you watch the next episode of a series you're watching.

The home screen also lets you quickly see any new movies you've added and browse your movies by genre, making accessing your movies easier than ever before.



Light & Dark Mode

Two styles, one great look


Whether it's a personal question of aesthetics or a practical consideration, you can change the appearance of Armchair Remote by enabling (or disabling) dark mode*.

Dark mode* is great for use in rooms where light levels are low, preventing light polution in the room if you need make a volume adjustment mid-movie. It can be offputting you as well as others. Nobody likes a glaring phone screen disrupting movie night!



Gesture Pad

Swipe and tap around Kodi


Sometimes you might find you have to leave the confines of your media library.

Perhaps you get confronted with a language selection menu, need to pop into the settings screen and make a quick adjustment or just prefer to navigate Kodi through it’s on screen interface.

The gesture pad allows you to navigate around Kodi using your iPhone with ease. Swipe your iPhone to navigate, tap to select, double tap to back up, tap and hold for a context menu. Simple.




Simple. By design.


A huge design goal of Armchair Remote was to make accessing your movie collection from your iPhone as simple as possible - scroll through your movies and tap to play and you're done.

Easily see runtimes, ratings and the year the film was made. If you're still in need of persuasion before committing to a film, quickly jump into IMDB to learn more!

Once you've selected your movie, use the elegant Now Playing screen to make volume adjustments, skip back (or forward) 30 seconds, play and pause - keeping you in control throughout.



TV Shows

Get your box set fix. Quickly.


Choose a show, choose a season, choose an episode and kick back. Quickly see which episodes you've already watched and get stuck in.

Much like when you play a movie, once you've chosen an episode, you can use the elegant Now Playing screen to make volume adjustments, skip back (or forward) 30 seconds, play and pause - leaving you free to enjoy your show.




Take charge of your music library


Perfect for parties and get togethers, or just for when you need to kick back to your favourite tunes. Browse and play your music collection from your iPhone and keep in control of your music.

If you've built up an awesome playlist, the last thing you want is to accidentally play a track that destroys your playlist zen!

Relax. If something is already playing, you'll be presented with a helpful prompt warning you that you've already got something playing with three helpful options: Play Now, Play Next, Queue Track.



Apple Watch

The power of Armchair Remote. On your wrist


We distilled the power of Armchair Remote on iOS and took that to the Apple Watch.

Raise your wrist and quickly play or pause, skip back or forward and make volume adjustments.

In addition, browse your Movies, TV Shows and Music as well as navigate the on screen interface of Kodi via a reimagined Gesture Pad.





If you're having trouble getting Armchair Remote connected to Kodi, there are a few things you need check within Kodi:

Settings to check in Kodi

Due to the way Kodi is preconfigured, you probably won't be able to connect Armchair Remote to Kodi unless you have completed the below:

Go to "Settings", "Service Settings" then go to "Control"

Ensure that "Allow remote control via HTTP" is enabled

Ensure that "Allow control from applications on other systems" is enabled

How to find your connection details

If the auto connect feature didn't work out for your setup (this is common for Kodi installations running on Windows), you will need to make a manual connection.

To do so, you will need to know the IP address and port number of your Kodi setup. You may also need a username of password for Kodi, although this is optional.

To find the IP address, go to "Settings", "System Information", then go to "Summary". Here, you'll see the IP address.

To find the port number, and to set a username and password, go to "Settings", "Service Settings", then go into "Control"

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